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List of Attributes by Game

Games Missing from the List of Attributes by Game

These are some of the games not included in the List of Attributes by Game. If you have any missing data you would like to share, please consider sending me an e-mail at chariot AT spiralcastle DOT com. (Close the spaces and replace the capitalized letters with the appropriate symbols.)

  • Afterwars (Stellar Games)
  • Beach Bunny Bimbos with Blasters (Tri Tac)
  • Behind Enemy Lines (FASA Corporation)
  • Blood Dawn (SSDC, Inc.)
  • Blood Games II (Flying Mice)
  • Buccaneer (Adversary Games)
  • Cosmic Enforcers (Myrmidon Press)
  • Creeks & Crawdads (Crustacium Games)
  • Cutthroat: The Shadow Wars (StormWorld Games, Inc.)
  • Cybergeneration (R. Talsorian Games)
  • Dark Realms (Guild of Blades)
  • Delta Force (Task Force Games)
  • Don't Look Back (Mind Ventures)
  • Droids (Integral Games)
  • Duck Trooper (Tri Tac)
  • Extreme Vengeance (Arcangel Entertainment)
  • FTL: 2448 (Tri Tac)
  • Freaks & Friendlies (Doc's Games)
  • Heaven & Hell (Abstract Nova Entertainment LLC)
  • Heroes Forever (Guild of Blades)
  • Imagine (Imagine Roleplaying)
  • Incursion (Tri Tac)
  • Inner City (Inner City Games Designs)
  • Knights & Magick (Heritage Models)
  • Land of the Rising Sun (Fantasy Games Unlimited)
  • Laserburn (Tabletop Games)
  • Legendary Lives (Sage Lore Productions, Inc.; Marquee Press)
  • Manhunter (Kingslayer Publications)
  • M.I.S.S.I.O.N. (Kabal Gaming Systems)
  • Neverworld (ForeverWorld Books)
  • Night Moves (Stellar Games)
  • Noir (?)
  • Odysseus (Fantasy Games Unlimited)
  • Of Gods & Men (Non-Sequitur Productions)
  • Once Upon a Time in the West (Tabletop Games)
  • On Her Majesty's Arcane Service (Flying Mice)
  • Pelicar (Pharaoh Games)
  • Phantasm (Mockingbird)
  • Pirates & Plunder (Yaquinto Publications)
  • The Price of Freedom (West End Games)
  • Randomania (Gamescience)
  • Roleplayer (Roleplayer Enterprises)
  • Rune Stryders (Politically Incorrect Games; Precis Intermedia)
  • Sentinels (Palladium)
  • Shattered Sky (Propaganda)
  • So Ya Wanna Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star (Bill Barton Games)
  • Spacetime (BTRC)
  • Strange Frontiers (New World)
  • Supergame (DAG Productions)
  • Super-Sentinels (Judges Guild)
  • Super Squadron (Adventure Simulations)
  • Swashbuckler (Yaquinto Publications)
  • Time & Time Again (Timeline Ltd.)
  • Time Drifters (Dimensional Strategies, Inc.)
  • Timelords (BTRC)
  • To Challenge Tomorrow (Ragnarok Press)
  • Uuhraah! (Blackhawk Games)
  • Washington Heroes (Mayfair)
  • W.H.A.T. (Guild of Blades)
  • Wild West (Fantasy Games Unlimited)
  • Wizard's World (Fantasy Games Unlimited)
  • World Action & Adventure (M.S. Kinney Corporation)
  • Worlds Beyond (Other World Games)
  • Year of the Phoenix (FGU)
  • Ysgarth (Ragnarok Press)
  • Zero (Arcangel Entertainment)

Updated 5 April 2012.

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