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Dice-Inclusive Fudge

It may be a minor point, but it occurred to me that there may be another nagging dice-related issue that prevents some gamers from giving Fudge a chance. Some gamers may be under the false impression that only Fudge dice may be used in Fudge, i.e. that one must use Fudge dice for all situations involving a randomizer. There is nothing in the rules that precludes the use of other dice nor any other type of randomizer. Other types of dice are eminently suited for random tables. (Even if you cease to play all other games except Fudge, your polyhedral dice are still useful for this purpose.) Fudge is not a snobbish game. It freely encourages the incorporation of your favorite rules and systems from other games into your own Fudge creation. If you like the way another game handles magic, add it to your game. You can convert it to Fudge or use it without modification, and if you need to use dice other than Fudge dice to make it work, there is nothing to stop you. And as I mentioned previously (q.v.), there have always been alternatives to Fudge dice in Fudge.