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The Reincarnation of Fudgerylog

This is the final post of Fudgerylog. It has been reincarnated as Creative Reckoning, which will serve as the new Web log of Many of the articles that appear here will be reposted in Creative Reckoning, but Fudgerylog itself will remain as an archive for the sake of those who may have linked to it. If you found Fudgerylog interesting or useful, please consider following Creative Reckoning, and if you have a gaming blog, please also consider adding it to your public blog list. If your blog touches upon the subject of Fudge, I’d be happy to consider adding yours to mine. Thank you for reading.

Game on.

—Gordon A. Cooper

The Destiny of Fudgerylog Pondered

In the first month of 2014, I am wondering what to do about Fudgerylog. I am tempted to start over with another Web log, gradually transferring the Fudge-related articles and maybe the general role-playing articles to a new Blogger site where comments would be permitted. One of the hazards I failed to avoid with this Web log and another (my first) was that of the temptation to diversify. Diversification in itself is not bad, but within a Web log it causes a fatal lack of focus. It forgets what it is, and it fails to attract readers (and it confuses the readers it does attract). The fact is I started to expand my subject matter for the sake of posting more frequently, but I did so at the expense of Fudgerylog‘s core integrity, which is to support Fudge specifically and role-playing in general. It’s all well and good to write about board games and Old School Renaissance games, but these are best relegated to their own Web logs where the readers most interested in them will more easily find them. Why start a new Fudge Web log instead of trimming the non-Fudge material from Fudgerylog? The simple answer is that I would like to return to a format that permits readers to comment easily without my having to spend outrageous amounts of time deleting spam. As much as I prefer the usability and look of WordPress, it is too time-consuming to update and too unwieldy for comments. I think the time has come for a fresh start. Unless I change my mind. I reserve that right.

Comments Off, Fight Lever On

The inevitable flood of spam has forced me to turn off comments again. This continuing problem and others make me wonder whether I should mirror this Web log on Blogger. If a reader wishes to comment on an article, they could comment on the mirror site, or just skip Fudgerylog and read the mirror site instead. I’ll need to think of a name for it, though, and that’s the hardest part for me. Especially where something related to Fudge is concerned. Great Caesar’s ghost, I wish Steffan O’Sullivan had thought of a better name for my favorite game! That’s a subject for another article, however, once the mirror site is set up. In the meantime, I’m posting regularly in Applied Phantasticality, so feel free to visit it if your interest in gaming extends to the Old School Renaissance.

(Go Super Robot Red Baron!)

Random Alignment Generator Illustrated

I just reposted Random Alignment Generator in Applied Phantasticality, my Old School Renaissance gaming Web log. The new (and slightly modified) version includes a photograph of the dice described.

Slowly I Turned…

It is January, which means it is a time for fresh starts, resolutions, and new quests. Fudgerylog did not have the productive year I had hoped for in 2012, but a big part of the problem involved technical difficulties of a global, plaguelike, Internetty nature targeting WordPress users. Much of my Web log activity was redirected to my newest Web log, Applied Phantasticality, which has a narrower focus (the Old School Renaissance in gaming), but I have invested a great deal of time and experimentation in Fudge and in this Web log, so rest assured that I have not abandoned it (in case there is anyone out there who reads this). I will turn the comments back on for now, but if I find I am deluged with nothing but spam, I’ll turn them back off. It’s a tad disheartening to spend so much time deleting it with no chance of seeing an actual comment.

In gaming news, I have read with regret that Lynn Willis of Chaosium fame passed away yesterday. When I find more information I’ll post the obituary here.

After too long a drought, I will start posting some game reports of the board games I have been playing. Once I report on the games played in November, I’ll start posting them in a timely manner.

Fudge, among many other things, is planned for 2013. I’ll keep you apprised of developments.

And I apologize for the absence. Fudgerylog is back. Stay tuned.

Projects in Various Stages of Procrastination

Here is a list of some of my current gaming-related projects in no particular order.

One Robot…One Computer…One Spaceship, a rather silly science fiction role-playing game utilizing Fudge and lots of random generators.

Classic Star Trek: The Unofficial Role-Playing Game, based on the original show, the animated show, and the Star Fleet Technical Manual (utilizing Fudge).

Classic Doctor Who: The Unofficial Role-Playing Game, based on the original show with the first seven Doctors (utilizing Fudge).

A war game incorporating plastic soldiers and Fudge.

An Old West skirmish game incorporating plastic cowboys and Fudge.

A rulebook of my own universal Fudge build.

A sourcebook for my Fudge game of paranormal investigation.

A Fudge conversion of Timeship.

A compilation of house rules for my own version of Dungeons & Dragons.

A gazetteer for the world of Murdundia, one of my campaign settings for D&D.

Possibly a comic strip for Applied Phantasticality, my online corner of the Old School Renaissance.

And before the year ends, I’d really like to do some sort of gaming and/or game design involving the War of 1812.

So, yes, I’m still alive and I’m still a gamer.

Dwimmermount Kickstarter Nears End

The Dwimmermount Kickstarter Project, an old school megadungeon by James Maliszewski of Grognardia, is still accepting backers until April the 14th at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. The primary goal and two bonus goals have already been achieved, and a third bonus goal is in sight. If you, too, are an Old School Renaissance man or woman, please consider becoming a backer.

[Originally posted here in Applied Phantasticality.]

Armor Classes Revised Chart

This is my revised armor chart for Basic/Expert D&D and Labyrinth Lord. It isn’t anything revolutionary. Sometimes I nitpick. This is one of those times. For example, I don’t like to see the word “mail” attached to a form of armor unless it really involves chain mail. “Mail” and “chain mail” are synonymous (the latter being redundant). The article “Demystifying Chain Mail and Ring Mail” by Dan Howard explains my reasons for excluding certain types of armor mentioned in AD&D, i.e. ring mail and banded mail.

Type of Armor Armor Class
Unarmored 9
Leather or Padded 8
Studded Leather 7
Scale 6
Mail 5
Laminar, Lamellar, or Splint & Mail 4
Plate & Mail 3
(Shields improve Armor Class by 1.)

[This article is cross-posted here in Applied Phantasticality.]

Risus Kickstarter Ends Tonight

Admittedly, this post is a bit late, but the Risus Free Adventure Project 2012 will be open for backing until 11:59 EDT tonight. This project is in support of S. John Ross’s upcoming free Risus escapade. Please consider supporting this project.

If you always wanted to know about Risus, but were afraid to ask, click the asterisk.*

I.O.R. forever!

* This is an asterisk.

Release of AD&D First Edition Books Postponed

The commemorative reprints of the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition rulebooks (the Monster Manual, Players Handbook, and Dungeon Masters Guide), originally set for a release date of 17 April 2012, have been postponed until 17 July 2012.

[Source: Grognardia]

The Nascence of Applied Phantasticality

My old school gaming Web log, Applied Phantasticality, has been launched at last. Inspired by and devoted to the Old School Renaissance, it shall exist parallel to Fudgerylog, but with a sharper focus on classic Dungeons & Dragons, Labyrinth Lord, and the like. The first entry is Welcome to Applied Phantasticality.

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